YveY was founded in 2008 by Jouke Bijlsma and Ralf Benda. They met at the Hotelschool The Hague and became good friends during their studies. After their studies, they each went their own way, then met again and after a couple of years created YveY. Three years later, YveY was extended with partners Sanne Arts and Daniel Frankenhuis. At present YveY Holding consists of various companies.

YveY started as a food & beverage supplier for event organisers and companies. Primarily a catering organisation, the company soon became an all-round event specialist with food & beverage our main attribute. Over the years YveY’s activities have increased including advisory projects, hospitality companies and fixed locations. One of our latest additions is Toren with the start of A’dam Toren in 2016 as an absolute highlight.